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New Music Ensemble


Meet Sinfonia 941
Piteå may be a small town, but it has a strong musical tradition. Framnäs has been a place for young musicians to hone their skills for decades. The Music School in Piteå has been the next step for many, but many musicians then find their ways back south to begin their careers. Studio Acusticum has three beautiful concert halls, as well as one of the largest and most advanced organs in the world. Why doesn’t Piteå, with all its musical roots, have its own orchestra?

That was the question asked by Mathieu Keith and Andrew Neil Hermon, the two founders of Sinfonia 941. During their conducting studies, they wondered out loud why they had to travel to Umeå or Gävle in order to gain experience conducting a full orchestra. So, they decided to start their own.

They decided on the name Sinfonia 941. The numbers, 941, are the post code for Piteå, and Sinfonia because well, it is a small orchestra. From the beginning, it was planned that this ensemble would be a part of Piteå. Made up of musicians in Piteå, and for the people of Piteå.

What began as a weekly small rehearsal soon turned into planning small concert seasons, and then turned into full seasons complete with opera performances, symphonies, and travelling to different towns. Now, we’re heading into our third season, featuring eight concerts.

Sinfonia 941 strives to fill the gap between the typical stuffy classical concert and a loud rock concert. We believe orchestral music can be enjoyed by all, and we want to share our passion with you. We also strive to highlight young composers and artists, and regularly hold workshops with both groups.